Saturday, 7 September 2013

T A N I A / / G R A C E / / K N U C K E Y

Tania Grace Knuckey graduated from the RCA in 2012 with a masters in Mixed Media Textile Design. Her work explores form, function, texture, material and colour, amongst other things which come together to create ai Fanta-ZY wourRld. Her final MA collection was entitled 'chairs: no sitting: DEEz dEzynED sCulptural tchairz wourE noT mAAde foUr yU. EYE mAAde deM foUr myE MuZe sheZ baD aSS'. Chairs, ordinary and functional objects, are given new meaning. Instead of providing a place to sit, the metal sculptures act as frames for the punched leathers, woven silks, and printed, embroidered and embelsihed surfaces. 

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